March 16, 2009

Resources on writing well

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Recently, I have been writing a lot: thank you notes, resumes, cover letters, updates, and email replies. It seems like my hands are either glued to the typewriter or to my pen. I thought I would share some writing resources that make my pen sing.

The first site is a dictionary compendium called Onelook Dictionary Search at . Onelook provides a search engine for words. Word definitions, spellings, and translations can be found at OneLook. If the word interested or exciting is used too many times, then entering that word into Onelook will provide the key to a Thesaurus  and alternative words. For words that are constantly mispelled or misued, such as restaurant or occurred, affect, provides a spelling and usage confirmation. I find the Onelook site to be invaluable in checking paragraphs and in writing well.

The second site is the Strunk, William Jr., 1918, The Elements of Style at . The website and book, The Elements of Style, are a fundamental reference to using English properly. There is a search form for grammatically related questions, such as commas or colons. The search results list web articles that explain the grammatical rule and provide an example of usage. This site is a gem in writing well and in further developing a writing style.

I plan on using the Onelook Dictionary Search and the Strunk, William Jr., 1918, The Elements of Style as I develop my writing style.