November 23, 2012

Turning Toy Shopping into Fun for the Holidays.

Posted in Toys tagged , at 8:55 pm by mknight1130

What are the holidays without toys? Big and small kids play with toys. I enjoy selecting toys for my niece and friend’s children. I try to picture what could spur creativity and imagination. But many times, I look for good ideas. I use a couple of websites to help.

Dr. Toy, , provides creative toy suggestions. Stevanne Auerbach keeps the site up to date with great suggestions. Users can search a toy database by age group, price or product type, . If I needed to find a good toy store near me, I could look at the directory. Today I am serendipitous.  I look at Auerbach’s blog to learn what is new. She has written a post on Metamorphic Toys, that allow kids to personalize their play. I like this.

I think, why only read one person’s toy expertise? Parents and industry experts collaborate and review toys at . This group started in 1978 and continues to take a well-rounded approach in recommending toys.  This panel gives awards by type. I select the Holiday guide,, for additional ideas. The site provides easy access to searching by age or by price. A gift idea rotating media display shows featured toys for the holidays, including games and gems. I find the products clearly described and toy pictures helpful.

With Dr Toy,, and Parents Choice,, my toy shopping experience promises to be fun. I will see creatitive ideas within my budget. Now, back to looking for a good gift to delight my friends and family.



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