February 3, 2012

Digging into a Data Management Plan and Recent Grant Requirements

Posted in Digital Libraries at 12:42 am by mknight1130

I visited Portland State University library, yesterday. I leave the classical, wood-encased, reception area and step into Tom’s office, filled with diverse posters and gadgets. I find the transition foretelling of a different perspective on digital collections. We talk about a  potential new need for academic librarians, to assist researchers write a data management plan, a recent requirement of the National Science Foundation to secure grant funding. To get paid for research, scholars need to not only create, conduct, and summarize their studies; they need to provide a plan to make that information available, a strategy to make it searchable, and to secure sensitive data. Here is where a librarian can come in and make recommendations. This type of librarian may be a data curator, the care-keeper of  digital collections  This data curator type of librarian is a lynch-pin in securing new grant funding and ensuring compliance with the data management plan. Our conversation left me wanting to learn more. Tom recommended some good resources to learn more, listed below.

First,  the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services of the OSU (Oregon State University) Libraries has put together a page on resources available to create and follow a data management plan: DATA MANAGEMENT PLANS| Get Help , http://ica.library.oregonstate.edu/subject-guide/1346-DATA-MANAGEMENT-PLANS?tab=515611 . This site provides the nuts and bolts on data management plans as well as resources to commonly asked questions,  data sharing requirements from the NIH, elements to consider as well as tools and resources. Whether you are a researcher starting out and  sending your first grant, a grant writer, or a librarian, this site will provide the guts to secure grant funding and standing in the relevant community.

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), http://www.cni.org/, provides a second resource to understanding Data Management . The CNI was created to  “broaden the community’s thinking beyond issues of network connectivity and bandwidth to encompass digital content and advanced applications to create, share, disseminate, and analyze such content in the service of research and education”. It combines the work between IT and Libraries. The CNI provides an entire page of references on Digital Curation http://www.cni.org/category/topics/digital-curation/ including recent podcasts, videos, notes from CNI Meetings  and Recent publications.  Recent information on data management strategies , from December 2011, is available for review.

CNI and OSU provide windows into a new kind of librarianship, needed to secure grant funding. This melds IT and library resources and foreshadows an emerging digital landscape. I am excited about my discussion with Tom and look forward to actively participating in digital collections and management, in the near future.


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