January 6, 2012

Beyond the Pen: Electronic Writing Resources

Posted in writing tagged at 11:29 pm by mknight1130

I recently received an Amazon Kindle for the Holidays. Immediately I downloaded many favorite books; these include Ghost  Story, by Jim Butcher and several Sherlock Holmes mysteries. As I am reading on my Kindle, I am amazed at how this electronic book reader changes reading and writing. I prefer short passages that are easy to scan. I practice keeping my writing brief. As I am thinking about writing, here are some excellent sources on online writing.

Colorado State University (CSU) has a great series of writing guides, including 3 on writing for the Web, See: http://writing.colostate.edu/guides/index.cfm?guides_active=web&category1=39 . Readers will gain understanding of how print and online writing compare and are different.  In addition, the website provides comments on common etiquette. The CSU guides also provide a list of handy resources to learn more about online writing, see good writing samples, using HTML to write on a web page,   and sample different approaches to designing web pages

For some good practices towards online writing, the NOF-digitise Technical Advisory Services provide a guide, Writing for the Web, at http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/nof/support/help/papers/writing-web/ .  Although this is an older document, the guidelines and general principles apply today. In addition the guide provides tips on describing online images and tailoring text to different audiences, making content more readable.

I think the writing guides from Colorado State University and the Writing for the Web, are good starting places to learn about online writing. I look forward to see additional writing resources for alternative platforms. Maybe the next writing guide will describe how to capture readers using a cell phone to retrieve information quickly.




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