June 17, 2010

Where to get a list of great websites for free

Posted in Directories at 11:24 pm by mknight1130

There are many tools on the web that do not provide a list of great websites for free. For example, Google charges companies for the placement of the website on a list after a search is conducted.  LexisNexis charges a hefty subscription fee to access to all sorts of articles and websites from . Where are the best places to go to get an unbiased view of great web sites?

Aboutus.org, http://www.aboutus.org/ provides short lists of great websites, created by community members who are passionate about a topic. The website recommendations are provided for free and are free to the searchers. Aboutus searchers need not scroll many pages to find the sites they need.. I have contributed a list of resources to Aboutus.org,  5 great sites you won’t find in Google .

The ODP or Open Directory Project, http://www.dmoz.org/ , is a directory that allows editors, who wish to volunteer their recommendations, by listing and  describing websites that fit specific categories . No one pays to search for the websites on a topic nor are the websites promoted or recommended based on payment from the website creators.

I recommend using Aboutus.org and the ODP to locate websites for free and provided by the community for the common good.


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