January 24, 2010

Fact Checking

Posted in facts, information resources at 7:06 pm by mknight1130

If I could go back to one of my favorite jobs, I would be a fact checker. A fact checker takes a product (e.g. a report, a publication, a website, etc) and verifies that the information presented is correct. While deadlines and budgets can be tight, efficient fact checking means a better quality product and enhances the trust among product users. As an information analyst for a firm providing pharmaceutical information, I developed a system to reference drug information that was correct and information that needed correction. In some cases, there are questions due to the product context and the information being presented. I like working with project managers, editors, and product creators to better define what the information means.

Here are 2 sites on Fact Checking

Fact Checkers, http://parklibrary.jomc.unc.edu/factcheckers2004.html . Although this page is from 2004, Barbara P. Semonche (the Park Library Director), provides a good introduction to the fact checking process and some helpful links to reliable resources. For example, the SEC provides a database of corporate annual reports; a birds-eye view into a company. This government site is free and listed by this Fact Checkers site.

Katrina O’Brien, owner of MyResearchNeeds has put together a nice site on the benefits of fact checking and the processes, http://www.together.net/~ktob/pages/fact_checking.htm. She is a freelance fact-checker and researcher who has experience working with all sorts or organizations, from universities to Southwest Airlines. Her web page is well written and simply put. She explains who could benefit from fact checking and what the return is on the investment.

Fact-checking is a great job because the information verified benefits both businesses and their customers. It assures that the information provided is valid and trustworthy to use in making decisions.


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