September 20, 2009

Floating Homes

Posted in Floating Homes tagged at 7:09 pm by mknight1130

Finally there is some time to blog. It has been a busy summer where I moved from a townhouse to a floating home. A floating home is a house on the water. Our house is supported by some cedar logs and has a beautiful view of the river. There is resident duck that waddles on our dock and a heron.

There are a couple of great resources about floating homes. One is A glimpse at the website reveals the following: “The Floating Homes Association is a volunteer civic group which represents the interests of the residents of the 400+ homes in five floating home marinas on Richardson Bay.”. The site describes floating homes, in plain English, to the curious and goes into detail about rules and regulations. Although the legal information is most pertinent to California, the information provides insights for floating home and potential floating home owners.

The Floating Home Association of the Pacific, ,  is another nice resource about floating homes. Although the link to articles is broken, the site provides information on floating home standards, related services (e.g. insurance), and connections to some Pacific floating home communities.

Of course, for those who want to dive into the floating home community, there is . The site sponsors a rich set of forums for houseboat owners. renters, and admirers. There is information about maintainence and resources on buying a floating home. In addition there are comprehensive directories of manufactuers, brokers, insurers, financers, renters, and service people who deal with houseboats or floating homes.

We, Scott and I, have decided to rent our floating home, to try it out before buying. We have loved our summer on the houseboat and look forward to the changing river patterns through the autumn, winter and beyond.


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