March 4, 2009

The art of following a blog

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A few days ago, I received an email from an writer and contact who was wondering how to go about following or subscribing to a blog. My first thought was someone, like a band groupie or avid fan, travels through cyberspace to find you and your latest posts. Google seems to have a similar definition at However, unlike a band groupie, a blog follower does not need to keep a concert schedule pinned to the wall with important dates circled. Through Real Simple Syndication (RSS) or an Atom, software applications, typically known as a reader, notify the blog follower of new posts. These reader make it easy to follow different blogs and to keep current by tracking. The question becomes how do I know which reader to use and which steps to follow. Here are two sites that can provide some insights.

The first site, RSS and Atom Feeds: Stay Current: Galter Health Sciences Library, at is created and maintained by Northwestern. It is fairly current, last update in December 2008; so, the tools should be pertinent to today. The site gives a brief, straightforward, description of RSS with a visual of the RSS symbol. A sampling of about 15 readers are provided and categorized under Web-based readers, Stand-alone readers, Firefox Add-ons and Email-based readers. A link to more comprehensive RSS readers is provided for those who wish more details. Instructions on how to use a reader to subscribe to a blog is provided in a simple paragraph. As an additional bonus, several medical blogs are suggested as a way to keep track of current developments.  Northwestern has done a great job instructing their students and professors, as well as other visitors, on the steps to go about subscribing to a blog.

For those who like screen shots along with instructions on how to subscribe, I recommend Humphrey blog digest at . The Hubert H, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, associated with the University of Minnesota, maintains this site. It is a non-profit dedicated to researching public issues. As such, it is a reputable source.  The how to subscribe guide, provides bulleted lists Web-based, Windows, Mac OS X, and Browser-based feeds. It would be nice if recommendations on news feeds  specifically provided for a Linux OS appeared, but that is not the case. Following the recommendations, are specific steps on how to subscribe to a blog using a browser, including screenshots of each step. Thereis a sample screenshot of a feed reader. I think the Humphrey site is a gem, in matching visual images with written steps.

It turned out, upon communicating with my writer contact, that Google Reader was used to track blogs. I found the instructions and emailed him the steps. But, upon writing this post , it is good to know that there are many options in following and subscribing to blogs. The steps are easy too. It is amazing at how seemlessly a blog can be followed.



  1. Sarah said,

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  2. Simonn said,

    Thanks for posting these useful information. Keep them coming

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