February 5, 2009

Tai Chi Schools

Posted in Tai Chi Schools at 12:59 am by mknight1130

I have returned to Tai Chi, a Chinese martial arts that involves meditative movement. I started taking lessons with Narcyz and Eva in Acton: Chinese Martial Arts and Fitness Centerhttp://www.wushukungfu.net/index.htm. After 6 years we made a move to Portland, Oregon. It was hard saying good bye to folks in Acton, although we wanted to move to Portland, Oregon.

I was pondering where would be a good Tai Chi School in Portland, Oregon. I ended up signing up for lessons at Center Space. Mark is the instructor and has a following by the word of mouth. But, I was thinking today there has to be a place to locate a Tai Chi school anywhere.

I found such a site, Tai Chi Network http://www.taichinetwork.org/list_search.cfm The website is run by Theta Networks, a company that tries to match potential students with martial arts teachers. Searches can be limited by region (city, state, country) and by major interest (e.g. Yang style, Wu style, Chang style, weapons etc..). One drawback to the site is that it is not interactive. A student is unable to recommend a teacher or ask questions to a guru. Likewise, a teacher cannot recommend students or link to related events. However, the Tai Chi Network http://www.taichinetwork.org/list_search.cfm is a handy list of schools and a great starting place.

Please do reply with alternate sites listing schools.

In the meantime I will head over to Center Space for a tonight’s lesson.


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