February 2, 2009

Impromptu Speaking

Posted in Extemporaneous, Impromptu Speaking at 6:03 pm by mknight1130

This evening, at 6:45 pm. PT, I am presenting, for free, information on impromptu speaking to a local Toastmasters group. This is a very timely topic as people are interviewing, talking with clients on the job, or just answering the unexpected question every day. Although preparing content ahead of time may not be feasible, there are some tips and tricks to sound confident speaking “on the cuff”. Toastmasters International, http://www.toastmasters.org/ , is an excellent resource to learn and practice extemporaneous speaking. For example, I am using content from the Better Speaker Series: Impromptu Speaking manual.

For additional tips on impromptu speaking, consider turning to colleges and universities. These institutions have a vested interest in developing their students’ speaking skills and some provide free materials on impromptu speaking. For example, here is a presentation on some ideas to improve impromptu speaking ecow.engr.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/get/epd/275/zwickel/impromptu_speaking.ppt

In addition colleges and universities provide opportunities, such as conferences, workshops and lectures, to further brush up on impromptu speaking. Since these events are usually related to a particular subject, it can be easier to get a start speaking extemporaneously, especially before and after the talks. Many colleges and universities also have Toastmaster clubs.

Which brings me to a final point. Toastmasters is an organization that facilitates practicing impromptu speaking. People get together, regularly, to work on their communication skills, including extemporaneous speaking. The “find a club” page provides a list of these meetings http://www.toastmasters.org/find/ . I am looking forward to presenting a great talk at tonight’s meeting.


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