February 1, 2009

Friend Plans a Trip to Alaska

Posted in Alaska, Travel at 7:56 pm by mknight1130

Marlo, a friend of mine, wrote that she was “volunteered” to plan a trip to Alaska as part of a church function. She is probably swamped in a sea of brochures and travel guides. I remember my husband and I were at a similar place when we planned our honeymoon to Alaska in 2000. We ended up going on a sailboat kayaking tour through Pangea Adventures http://www.alaskasummer.com/. But, things do change after 9 years.

I think if I was planning a trip today, I would start with the site, Travel Alaska http://www.travelalaska.com/

Travel Alaska is a site put together by the Alaskan Travel Industry Association and is directly linked from the State of Alaska website http://www.alaska.gov/
Easy to use and intuitive, Travel Alaska, http://www.travelalaska.com/, directs users towards Alaskan areas to explore, transportation to use, things to do, and places to stay. There is a handy Travel Quick Finder which breaks queries by general travel activity (e.g. Places to Stay) and then a sub-category of that activity (e.g. Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels & Motels, Campgrounds & RV Parks (etc..). In addition to this, a user can specify the area in Alaska for the general travel activity (e.g. the Inside Passage). After pressing go, a short list of resources (between 10-20) appears containing contact information, website links, and a short description pertaining to the activity. The information is displayed quickly and efficiently. Errors, redirected links, and unrelated results do not muddle the Search Results. Users are not left scratching their heads about how the website works. This is a site well worth the visit.


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